Residential IT Support

Link Computing Solutions offers residential IT support for private customers and people with family computers that require a little extra IT help.

Which technology is right for you?

It all depends on what you need at home, a desktop, a notebook, or maybe just a modern tablet. Whatever it is, Link Computing Solutions is here to help: From internet access to PC maintenance to learning about securing your data, Link Computing Solutions can troubleshoot those tricky IT issues.

We won’t just fix your problems, though we’ll help you understand them better. We want to work with you so we will explain your options based on your computing and IT needs. Then, you can choose what will work for you. It’s that simple!

IT solutions for residential customers:

PC Tune-Up & General Support

  • Motherboard Inspection, Dust removal, Health Assessment, Event Log Review, Cleanup and Defrag, Registry Checkup, Critical Updates, Performance Tune $50
  • Printer Setup and Maintenance $50
  • Virus/Malware Removal $80 and up
  • Complete Data Transfers $50 – $100

Remote Support

  • RMM Clients – Remote Support $1/minute ($15 minimum)
  • Non-RMM Clients – Remote Support $2/minute ($30 minimum)

Home Networking (Routers/Wireless/Extenders)

  • Wireless Router Configuration $40
  • Wireless Security $25


  • Basic Setup – 1 Account $20
  • Advanced Setup – Up to 3 Accounts $40

Full PC/Laptop Repair Center $80/hour + Parts

  • Laptop Screen Repairs (Typical $175 Total Charges)
  • Laptop DC Jack Repair (Typical $120 Total Charges)
  • Video Cards, Hard Drives, Fans, Memory, and Motherboard Repairs

Computer System Recovery

  • Password Recovery Windows 11/10 $40
  • Restore to OEM Image (Partition Recovery) $75
  • Windows System Restore/Refresh/Recovery (Basic) $40
  • Windows System Image Recovery (Basic Restore) $80 + Parts
  • Windows System Image Recovery (Data Capture and Restore) $125 + Parts

Hard Drive Services

  • Identity Wipe $10
  • Diagnostics $20
  • Duplication $50 + Parts
  • Hard Drive Disposal (Destroyed and Recycled) Free