Remote Connectivity

When it comes to fixing computers, Link Computing Solutions in Oshkosh can help you remotely. With remote connectivity, you don't even have to come into the store.

Computer repair for the fast lane

Link offers a few ways to fix your equipment and remote connectivity is one of them: It’s when we make amends to your computer virtually.

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No need to drive over in the snow. No set up to fuss with. All you need is an internet connection. Sometimes there’s even a guided tour so you can learn, too. (Which is handy because we enjoy showing you the ropes once in a while.)

IT support at a distance has been part of the business world for some time. Over the years, companies like Microsoft, Dell, HP, and QuickBooks have worked hard to improve remote connectivity options for its customers. As for us, we’ve been a leader in remote connectivity for nearly two decades.

We have a software service for both business and residential customers that utilizes an affordable and effective platform. For a monthly fee, we install the RMM software application so that you, and Link, have dashboard-level control of your computer and its network. Here are some of its features:

  • Anti-Virus (Updates, Scanning, Reporting) with one of the industry’s leading AV applications
  • Patch management for all critical software installation, monitoring, and reporting
  • Automated task Management for cookie deletion, hard drive performance monitoring, network availability, backup job status
  • Daily, weekly and/or monthly reporting
  • Remote access help and assistance without any additional software or steps

Another optional service offering is a managed cloud-based backup. Link Computing can assist to create the backup job, monitor the success/failure of scheduled events, and help in the restore process.

Cloud Backup Prices

  • $20/PC for 100GB
  • $60/Server for 500GB

It can be a one-time fix or a long-term relationship through Remote Monitoring and Management (RMM). If your PC is corrupted by a virus, our RMM allows us to interact with your computer system and restore it back to a previous point in time to eliminate the virus. Our in-store safety net guarantees a reliable system restore.